Sunday, May 3, 2009

A & W Restaurant

I've never been to an A & W Restaurant (I can't even recall the last time I've seen one!) but I do love good root beer floats. Luckily, us Celiacs have this great guide to eating at A & W restaurants.

However while the guide is very helpful in determining what us Celiacs can and cannot eat, it looks like there is no food on the menu safe for Celiacs! It is unclear to me why this is the case -- whether the burgers are made with breadcrumbs or if it is the buns that are served with them that make them inappropriate for Celiacs.

Have any readers out there eaten at an A & W and had a positive experience? While many of the shakes and floats are marked gluten free, there doesn't seem to be any solid food on the menu that is GF.

In any case, at least now you know that most of the floats and shakes there are GF!


A & W Restaurants
Note: The Restaurant Locator has not been working for a few days and so I cannot include a list of CA locations.

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Anonymous said...

I wrote to A&W and they said that the seasoning they use is what contains gluten. My timing was perfect because someone in their office was just diagnosed with Celiac as well. Maybe the menu will change?!