Friday, May 8, 2009

Turtle Mountain Products

Here there is a gluten free listing of all of Turtle Mountain's gluten free products.

You probably don't recognize the name "Turtle Mountain," but I'm sure you recognize the label in the above picture. The company makes a ton of great dairy free products for those of us Celiacs who have problems with dairy. I have cut it out entirely out of my diet and feel 10x better than I ever have before. I live off of Whole Soy & Co's yogurt (see my post here) and really like Turtle Mountain's products too.

I just tried the brand's creamy vanilla ice cream. I really enjoyed it -- I thought it kind of tasted like a vanilla cake! After eating a bit of it though, the flavor waned a bit and tasted a bit more icy. I definitely enjoyed it enough to buy the product again and to continue eating the brand's other products.

Turtle Mountain Products
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Unknown said...

They even have a gluten-free cookie dough flavor made with coconut. They are the best when it comes to dairy-free and gluten-free treats.

Debbie said...

I like Turtle Mountain but Coconut Bliss is good too: