Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pinkberry: To Be or Not To Be (Gluten Free)?

Finally! Confirmation that Pinkberry is, indeed, gluten free. While I posted about this in one of my very first blog posts (oh I was such a novice back then... click here to be taken on a trip down memory lane), I couldn't find the confirmation that the yogurts were indeed gluten free.

Never fear! I just received an e-mail from a Pinkberry representative who I connected with over Twitter.

"Pinkberry is made with REAL nonfat yogurt, among many other natural ingredients, that gives it a refreshing, tangy taste. Pinkberry is fat free, gluten free and does not contain any pork products. We work tirelessly to find the highest quality ingredients and provide you with best-tasting, real nonfat frozen yogurt so that you will never have to question “the truth” once you have your first bite of Pinkberry."

The gluten free question is also answered on Pinkberry's official website here (thanks @GlutenGossip)!

Now you know that Pinkberry is a great source to help you enjoy the hot summer in L.A.!


Pinkberry L.A. Locations (Partial Map)
Pinkberry Store Locator

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