Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Get Those Bathing Suit Bods Out!

For you people trying to lose those extra pounds before you start spending weekends in Malibu or for the athletes out there, below are some gluten free advisories concerning sport drinks.

Gatorade is gluten free! On the website here there is a FAQ here that reads:

"Does Gatorade contain Gluten?
No, none of our Gatorade products contain wheat ingredients, which would be the source of wheat Gluten."

Gatorade is a great alternative to water because it contains electrolytes that replenish the body's water and electrolyte levels after the dehydration that exercise causes. It's also my personal hangover cure; but hey, that's just me. However, as many people rightfully claim, it is loaded with sugar.

A better alternative might be SmartWater, which is pumped with electrolytes similar to Gatorade but doesn't carry all the nasty sodium that Gatorade does.

Just got off the phone with Powerade, a Coca-Cola product. The representative confirmed that ALL Powerade products are gluten free! This is great news -- my friend Aileen has always preached the hangover cure that is Powerade Zero. Powerade Zero is a zero-calorie sports drink charged with electrolytes to help you replenish after exercise (or a night on the town...).

Vitamin Water/Smart Water
More great news -- ALL Vitamin Water and Smart Water is gluten free! Made by Glacéau, Vitamin Water is a great alternative to Gatorade and Powerade. The brand just released a 10-calorie line, so it's another great way to recharge after exercise without all of the calories that are in regular energy drinks. Note: this gluten free extends to Vitamin Energy Paks. I'm not sure what these are, as they have been discontinued and are no longer available, but the representative wanted to assure me that if you owned them already there is no need for concern; they are gluten free friendly!

A better alternative to Vitamin Water/Powerade/Gatorade might be SmartWater, which is pumped with electrolytes similar to the flavored drinks but doesn't carry all the nasty sodium that those drinks do. I can't taste any difference between SmartWater; perhaps you more discerning Celiacs can.

I also know that Trader Joe's makes their own electrolyte charged water.

And if you need a little thinspiration to get back into those bathing suits, check out the clip below:

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Lindsey said...

I just started drinking powerade zero, it totally rocks, and does not have a diet taste at all!! I've only tried the strawberry flavor.