Monday, May 4, 2009

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Hawks "The G-Free Diet"

Elisabeth made the rounds yesterday publicizing the release of her book "The G-Free Diet," available on Amazon here.

She appeared on Good Morning America (here) and talked about her diet too.

Updated: You can find a short clip here on The View's official website of Elisabeth talking about her "G-Free" Diet. Unfortunately there is no separate link to this specific clip. I wasn't able to catch the clip of her myself, but I did receive a scathing review from one reader. The reader complained that Elisabeth made the Gluten Free diet out to be a "walk in the park" and that Elisabeth did not take into account how expensive it is to maintain a gluten free diet. Don't shoot the messenger -- this is just one reader's opinion! Please comment below to let others know what YOU thought.

I haven't been able to find a clip of her talking about "The G-Free Diet" yet, but below I have an account from the blog "Watching the View":

"In the next segment, Elisabeth Hasselbeck talked about her new book The G-Free Diet about how to eat with Celiac disease. (See link below for my contest where you can win a copy!) The disease is an auto-immune disease that involves an intolerance to gluten and 97% of people who have it, don’t know it. Gluten is found in wheat, barley, and rye. She had symptoms for years and was misdiagnosed, with doctors telling her she had IBS, Crohn’s, or needed surgery. She said that she always had to know where the bathroom was anytime she was going anywhere and could not even drive because the pain was so unbearable. When she was in Australia for Survivor she was symptom free and that caused her to be even more motivated in finding what was wrong with her. She was finally officially diagnosed by Dr. Green as having Celiac disease.

She talked about what you can eat that is gluten free, such as fruit and vegetables and products that are gluten free, even cookies and cakes. It is not a diet about removing, but replacing. Whoopi then came out (shock!) and ate some potato chips. She said that she is glad that she was diagnosed because now she has more energy and feels healthier.

She showed some food you can get eating out, like ribs at Outback. Outback, PF Changs, and Wendy’s have gluten free menus. PF Chang’s even gives special plates for people with Celiac. Then she talked about her grandmother’s pasta recipe she changed by using gluten free pasta.

Elisabeth said that her body was so busy trying to fight itself during her symptomatic days that it affected her fertility and she could not get pregnant. Once she went gluten free, she was able to get pregnant. She pointed out a mom in the audience who has a daughter with Celiac who helped her with the book in terms of tips for what to do when you have kids with Celiac. Elisabeth will get her kids tested if they have symptoms since it is a genetic disorder. Elisabeth said that parents with children with autism and ADHD have found positive effects from a gluten free diet."
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