Friday, May 29, 2009

Deano's Gourmet Pizza

One of my tweople sent me a great @glutenfreeway tip about Deano's Gourmet Pizza offering gluten free pizza at The Grove. I was over at The Grove today mailing out the final paper of my first year in law school (finally!) and decided to stop in at Deano's.

I had a bit of trouble finding it (it's close to the Farmers Market Place entrance, by Starbucks and Pinkberry) but once I did I was really excited. The cashier told me that all pizzas could be made gluten free; however you can't buy pizza by the slice. But don't worry, the smallest size of pizza is small enough for one (and can even be split for two meals).

I ordered the Pesto Spinach Garlic Shrimp and it was delicious!

It cost about $10 and was definitely enough for dinner and lunch. Deano's also makes all of their pasta gluten free, but the only use gluten free spaghetti in making the dishes.


Deano's Pizza Gourmet
6333 West 3rd Street #310
Los Angeles, CA 90036 (Map)

UPDATE: I just remembered -- Deano's guarantees their pizza to be 99% gluten free. If you are very sensitive, eat at your own risk (as always!)

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Breanna and David said...

I guess i will have to stop in there for lunch this weekend. How exciting! Thank you ;)