Monday, May 4, 2009

Babycakes NYC Cookbook: Advance Review

I just received an advance copy of the Babycakes cookbook and I must say that I can't wait until finals are over to start making some of these delicious recipes! The cookbook is available here on Amazon.

Regular readers of my blog know that I am a big fan of Babycakes (having posted about it here, here and here). I was so excited when I got this advanced copy and wish I had more time to start baking!

The book is great and includes beautiful photographs of the food that Erin McKenna will teach you how to make! Ms. McKenna also includes storing tips for the baked goods, testimonials from celebrity fans (Natalie Portman and Jason Schwarzman included), and a nice "Tools of the Trade" section that teaches novices (like me!) about how which tools are necessary for certain tasks.

If these girls are having so much fun baking, I bet I can do it too...

While I can't yet comment on the recipes included and the instructions as per those recipes (sorry, law school finals are keeping me busy), I'll be sure to update once finals are over and I delve into making some of these delicious recipes!

I can't say it enough -- I love Babycakes and can't wait for it to open its shop out here in L.A. In the meantime, go to your local bookstore and buy a copy of the Babycakes cookbook to whip yourself up some delicious baked treats!

Note: L.A. Location is NOT YET open as of 5/5/2009. Check back for more posting updates
6th Street between Los Angeles & Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013 (Map)
- - -
248 Broome Street
New York, NY 10002 (Map)

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