Tuesday, April 7, 2009


As a recent expat from Boston, I can honestly say I don't miss the wind tunnels, mounds of snow, and dreary weather of the city (sorry to any Bostonians reading this, but I'm becoming a spoiled SoCal kid). What I do miss, however, is Wagamama's gluten free menu.

Wagamama is an Asian noodle shop that originated in London and crossed the pond, arriving in one of the easternmost major cities of the U.S. (sorry Portland, ME). When I was living in Boston there was only one location, in Cambridge, of this British chain; according to the restaurant's website there are now three spread throughout the city.

As a frequent visitor of the Cambridge location, I was always pleased with Wagamama's service. I usually ordered takeout and was pleasantly surprised that the staff had wheat-free soy sauce available for us Celiacs. The noodles are great and there is an overwhelming amount of gluten free options available at Wagamama. The noodle bowls are great and the edamame, prepared with the normal salt or, if you prefer, chili and garlic salt (my personal preference), is delicious!

Wagamama is a worldwide chain with locations in the UK, Greece, Turkey, UAE, and other countries around the world. I've never been to a foreign Wagamama -- if you have, please leave comments below as to how they deal with gluten free food! Whether you are passing through Boston or one of the foreign locations, Wagamama is a great choice for Celiac friendly Asian noodles.


57 JFK Street
Cambridge, MA 02138 (Map)
Faneuil Hall Location, Boston (Map and Contact Information)
Prudential Center Location, Boston (Map and Contact Information)
Worldwide Locations (Map)

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Lindsey said...

This is the greatest place!! I did a month long intership in London, it was such a popular spot. I wish they would come to LA!!