Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NuGo FREE Bars

A reader recently passed on some information about a gluten free bar that she found in her local Whole Foods. They are made by NuGo Nutrition and are smaller than ThinkThin bars, with less protein and calories (see my previous post about ThinkThin bars here). The NuGo bars that are gluten free are part of the NuGo FREE line, and are explicitly marked gluten free on the front of the packaging.

The bars are marked gluten free and come in three flavors: Dark Chocolate Trail Mix, Carrot Cake, and Dark Chocolate Crunch. The reader who recommended them distinguished them from ThinkThin bars, writing that they had "a much different consistency" from ThinkThin bars. She said that NuGo bars taste "like a hard but chewy dark chocolate covered rice krispy treat."


NuGo FREE Bars

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Breanna and David said...

i tried their carrot cake one and that one was good... the chocolate one was a little too rich for me..