Tuesday, April 21, 2009

UPDATED: Gluten Free Body Products

I recently received a facebook message (add me here!) from a reader asking if I knew of any gluten free body products. I have heard people talk about their sensitivity to certain products, but never noticed any myself. However, now that I've done some research, I've noticed how difficult it is to find clear information regarding the ingredients in many "natural" beauty products. I've compiled a list below of some I found!

Burt's Bees
I used to be a Burt's Bees lip balm addict but I recently switched to Blistex. Maybe I'll switch back considering how helpful the company has been in compiling a list of gluten free products.

Read the list here.

Kiss My Face
Kiss My Face is another line that is sensitive to Celiacs. On their website's FAQ page they list products that are gluten free. However, the company stresses that they cannot guarantee that there is no cross contamination, and thus people with severe intolerances should be warned.

I called Neutrogena this morning and the woman I spoke with was extremely unhelpful in answering my questions about what products were gluten free. She informed me quite curtly that there is no listing of all of the GF Neutrogena products and that instead you should call Neutrogena with specific product concerns. On a sidenote the oil-free moisturizer I use is gluten free.

Thanks to Gluten Free Optimist for bringing this to my attention -- all Vaseline products, except for the Total Moisture Lotion (packaged in a yellow bottle), are gluten free! Check her full product review here.

Here is a great site with more gluten free cosmetics information!

Let me know of any other gluten free body products!


Breanna and David said...

There are some great GF body products at Whole Foods. Not sure on specific brand name. I will try to post that later.

Diet Diva said...

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Anonymous said...

Dessert Essence Organics:

I really enjoy this whole line.

gluten free products said...

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Anonymous said...

Concerning Burt's Bees:
A couple years ago I called Burt's Bees to ask them whether a line of product I was using was gluten free.
The customer rep assured me that everything I was using was gluten free.
The rest of the conversation went like this:

Me: So, the tocopherol… is it soy based or wheat based?
Rep: Let me look… it's wheat based.
Me: So, it's not gluten free.
Rep: Yes it is.

The nasty pustules on my lips and chin disagreed with her. I had to give Burt's Bees up.