Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Celiac Vaccine Begins Testing

Recently news broke that a Celiac vaccine will begin testing in Australia.

What does this mean for Celiacs? A gluten free diet could be a thing of the past. I'm no scientist, but I'll go ahead and try and become a science teacher for a brief moment.

Specifically, the vaccine is meant to desensitize people who are gluten intolerant to limited amounts of gluten. Over time, the villi would be able to absorb nutrients from gluten. Normally, Celiacs' villi cannot absorb nutrients from gluten.

Thoughts? Obviously the product wouldn't be available for years as it has to go through substantial testing. I'm so used to my gluten free diet that I can't imagine being able to eat pizza, bread, pasta... and I'm also not sure if I would trust the vaccine. While I normally don't question science, in this instance I'm not sure the vaccine is necessary. I understand the potential benefits, but I'm concerned about the effects. Could the vaccine really do away with the pain and suffering I felt when I was eating gluten prior to my diagnosis?

I think, if the product is ever released, I would probably go ahead with getting the vaccine but still eat gluten sparingly. Perhaps only on vacation, when it is difficult to find suitable substitutes.

What would (or will) YOU do?


Anonymous said...

That's exactly my thinking with the vaccine. It would give me the ability to go to France and Italy and sample their famous treats, or attend parties without stress, but I'd still be primarily GF in my daily life. After all, we don't go around exposing ourselves to TB because we're vaccinated!

Anna Wrafter said...

I heard about this, too! We need this in the US. Living with Celiac Disease is very challenging.

Anna Wrafter said...

I found this book useful: http://glutenfreeenterprises.com/index.html

Anonymous said...

i'VE BEEN CELIAC SINCE WAS 2YRS OLD AND IF DEY EVER CURE IT I WILL STUFF MY FACE OF GLUTEN AND FINALLY BE ABLE 2 EAT OUT AND LIVE LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING INSTEAD OF AN ALIEN WHOS ALLERGIC 2 FOOD AND TOOTHPASTE AND GLUE IN TEA BAGS AND MAYBE EVEN RED WINE. HOPE THEY HURRY DA F*** UP AND GET IT OUT DER. wIL PROB OD on da vacine if it means i can eat a f'in hotdog r sumting normal instead of cardboard 4 a change. And none of da stores really give a crap, wat wit no g-free choices hardly anywer. Bring on da vacine!!!