Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tinkyáda -- It's Amoré

It isn't easy finding gluten free pasta and it certainly took a long time. I think I've finally found my favorite brand: Tinkyáda. Tinkyáda exclusively makes gluten and wheat free pasta. The consistency is great, it doesn't taste "fake" as a lot of other brands do, and it cooks just like normal pasta.

As a student I stick to the basics, and without being able to eat Ramen Noodles I've found my replacement in Tinkyáda noodles. Granted they are a bit more expensive... oh well!

Tinkyáda Products


Debbie said...

Have you tried BioNaturae? I have found this pasta reheats better and works well in pasta salad. I've been slightly disappointed with Tinkyada when it comes to reheating, but it's certainly better than several other brands out there.

joan a. said...

how did you know this is a favorite song of mine!!

erin rogers pickering said...

I love Tinkyada too... but it is best when first cooked. As a leftover it needs to be heated thoroughly. Leftover and cold is not very good.