Monday, March 23, 2009

Gluten Free Birthday 2009

I was showered with gluten free treats for my birthday and I would be remiss to not give shout outs to my friends who gave them to me!

I went to school on Thursday, the day before my birthday, with every intention of skipping classes on Friday, March 13th. I mean, who wants to sit in class on their birthday? Luckily my class schedule worked out so I didn't miss anything important.

My friends knew of my devious plan so I was welcomed to school with a delicious tray of Whole Food's GF Walnut Brownies from Lauren and Nathan.

At lunch I was met by Heather and Amy with another set of desserts from the Whole Foods Gluten Free Bakehouse -- peanut butter cookies. They were delicious and I think I ate them in about ten minutes.

On Tuesday my friend Sarah and I left for Palm Springs and had a wonderful time. She brought along tons of gluten free snacks from Trader Joe's, including Trader Joe's GF Granola, which I previously posted about. She also brought along some great GF popped chips from Trader Joe's, and I was happy to see that they were well-marked with the "No Gluten Ingredients" label that is so helpful to us Celiacs.

The packages also rolled in. My friend Jon in NYC gave me great gluten free cookies made by Sunflour Baking Company. Jon's family owns a few Robeks shops in Connecticut, and they are thinking of stocking the cookies in their shop. I told them I approved of the Lemon flavor but did not like the Chocolate Chip flavor -- there were barely any chocolate chips in it! I have yet to try the cinnamon flavor...

I received another great package from my friend Jeff in D.C. Jeff knows that I love ThinkThin bars after traveling with me through Israel last summer. He saw me suffer through endless McDonald's as everybody else ate their falafel...and by suffer I mean live off McFlurrys. Not such a bad life. So Jeff sent me some ThinkThin bars along with a package of Trader Joe's dark chocolate mixed nuts! He also sent me a delicious mocha chocolate bar snack from TJ's, conveniently marked "No Gluten Ingredients" as well.

And last but certainly not least, my friend Ashley sent me a delicious Edible Arrangement! My roommate Vanessa and I are still working on the arrangement because it was HUGE. I must admit, I had always been wary of giving an Edible Arrangement to somebody as a gift. However, after this experience, I'm hooked. The fruit was fresh, the local Edible Arrangement shop (there is one right in Downtown L.A. by 7th & Figueroa) was incredibly helpful in working out a delivery time, and it was an enormous arrangement.

Thanks to everybody for all of the great GF snacks!!! You made this birthday great.

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