Saturday, March 14, 2009

CedarLane Products

I've found over the years that it's not always easy to buy lunch during the work day. Many people opt for sandwiches, easily bought at most cafes, salads with possibly dangerous dressings, or an easy slice of pizza. These options aren't always available to us Celiacs but I've recently found a wonderful alternative to bring with you to your workplace!
CedarLane makes a few different frozen gluten free lunch and dinner options that are really delicious. The best part about these products is that CedarLane explicitly and prominently marks all of their products as gluten free right on the front of the box!

So far I've had the Low Fat Black Bean & Tofu Enchilada Meal (delicious), the Low Fat Garden Vegetable Enchiladas (terrific), and the Five Layer Mexican Dip (delectable). There are a few other products that are gluten free and they can all be found on the website.
CedarLane products are available at your local grocer -- I usually pick them up from the Ralph's by my house.

CedarLane Products: Official Site and Available at THESE grocers
Ralph's L.A. Locations

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