Friday, March 6, 2009

Good Morning, Gluten! Part I

One of the first question people usually ask me when I tell them about being Celiac is, "What do you do for breakfast?"

So many people rely on cereal, biscuits, muffins, and similar foods for breakfast. Obviously, us Celiacs are limited to those foods and can't pick them up on the go. However, there are tons of GF alternatives that you can pick up that are just as tasty as their gluten filled alternatives.

I was a cereal fanatic before being diagnosed. After being diagnosed, it took me a long time to find cereals that I liked. After becoming a skillful navigator of ingredient labels, I've come up with a few great GF breakfast cereals. Warning!!!: Please always read the labels of the cereals that are not marked gluten free in case their ingredients change.

My Favorite GF Cereals:
-Rice Chex: This brand now very prominently marks itself gluten free and is available at all major markets.
-Trix: If you have a gluten free child, Trix are gluten free. While they aren't marked GF, I have checked their ingredients and called the company; I was told by the company that they are not yet able to mark them GF because they are not produced in a GF dedicated facility.
-Fruity Pebbles: Also GF but not marked as such.
-Gorilla Munch: This is a more specialized cereal that is not available at all grocery stores. I usually pick it up from Whole Foods or Trader Joe's; these taste like Kix but are a bit sweeter (they have sea salt in them). Very good! These are marked GF.
-Kix***: GF but not marked as such. *** - See Update Below
-Peanut Butter Panda Puffs: Great for kids, this is marked gluten free and is made by EnviroKidz (like Gorilla Munch above).

Granola is normally an issue because of the oats contained in it. However I've found two great gluten free alternatives to add to your yogurt or just take with you on the go!
-Trader Joe's Gluten Free Granola: Obviously this granola is only available at Trader Joe's. It is a great crunchy snack food and comes in two delicious flavors: Loaded Fruit & Nut and Cranberry Maple Nut.

-Bakery on Main's Gluten Free Granola: This is a great alternative to Trader Joe's GF granola, but may be more difficult to find. I normally go to Whole Foods to pick it up, and ordering through the website is another great idea. This granola is also great and comes in a few different flavors: Orange Cashew, Rainforest, Apple Raisin Walnut, Nutty Maple Cranberry, Extreme Fruit and Nut.
-The Laughing Giraffe Gluten Free Raw Granola: This is a great granola but is also very expensive (about $9/bag). This is available at Whole Foods and is available through the website. It's a great granola, but for adding granola to your yogurt I would go with Trader Joe's or Bakery on Main.


A discerning reader just sent me an e-mail telling me that she went to her local market and checked out the Kix (thanks Lindsey!). Luckily, she read the ingredients on her box and saw that the box she picked up used oats in its production. However, I just re-checked my box here at home and saw that it was gluten free (although not marked as such). I've included a picture of the box I picked up below -- you will notice that it is a new box design. They may be rolling this new recipe out slowly, so please make sure to check your Kix carefully before enjoying!

Look for more breakfast ideas later -- Enjoy!


Christine said...

Good to know - because i love granola and would hate to lose it entirely.

Allie said...

I hope they make gluten free KIX!!! I used to love Kix!