Monday, January 26, 2009

Rationalized Treats

My friends who know me well know that I like to rationalize what I eat, especially candy.  I'm a candy fiend.  I could eat candy all day, every day.  I made it a point after being diagnosed with Celiac to call candy companies to inquire about the possible gluten in their candy.  

I was relieved to find out that my favorite candy, Peanut M & Ms, is gluten free.  Let me count the ways I love peanut M & Ms:
1) Chocolaty goodness
2) Crunchy (I love crunchy foods)
3) Peanut filled
Whenever I indulge in a bag of Peanut M & Ms, I allow myself to rationalize it.  Well, it's not really a candy -- there's peanut in it!  And peanut has protein!  And antioxidants!  It has tons of health benefits!  It's not just junk food...!

My roommate recently introduced me to a more sophisticated gluten free treat: Trader Joe's chocolate dipped bananas.  Anybody who has been to Trader Joe's knows that it is the ultimate snack shop.  I remember buying Trader Joe's brand chicken tikki masala flavored potato chips during college.  Even though they ultimately backfired (potato chips should be plain in my opinion), from that day forward I respected Trader Joe's for its ingenuity in snack food.  Their gluten free chocolate covered bananas are absolute pure heaven and allow my irrational rationalization of gluten free treats to run wild.  Well of course this is healthy -- there's a nutritional banana inside.  Bananas are a good source of fiber! And potassium!  It helps fulfill my required fruit servings of the day!

      Woops, I almost forgot-- I live in L.A.!  I can't believe I almost left off part of the L.A. culture -- Pinkberry and its assorted competitors.  I'm a sucker for Pinkberry, even more now that they have taken the "Coffee" flavor off of their menu in lieu of the much more delicious Pomegranate.  I'm also partial to Red Mango's competing Pomegranate flavor, which is a bit less tart.  The best part is that Pinkberry and Red Mango are gluten free and have plenty of gluten free toppings available!
      Even though a one-episode character on "Sex and the City" dissed L.A.'s frozen yogurt ("Frozen yogurt is not culture" I believe was the quote), like it or not Pinkberry, Red Mango, and all of the others seem here to stay.  Pinkberry is just as easy to rationalize -- well there are active live cultures, so it helps in my digestion!  If I get fruit then it will be healthy!  This line of rationalization may have worked for some time, but after a recent lawsuit I think reality has set in: Pinkberry may not actually be healthy.  Oh well, I'll continue to fool myself for the time being.

Look for me to rationalize more GF treats soon...


Anonymous said...

mmmmmmm banana

Unfortunately the m&ms aren't vegan--but the chocolate covered 'nanas are!

Anonymous said...

i love chawklit covered bananas even tho i am no gf. i am an ally. 2 of my closest acquaintances turned gf..?